Our Clients

The audience loved your presentation, rating you ‘very provocative’, ‘best speaker ever’ and ‘would like a work session with Parisse – he has a lot to offer.’ I appreciate the time you spent learning about our organization and osteopathic medicine. At least two other presenters quoted you to drive home their points.

College of Osteopathic Medicine

Our conference would not have been the success it was without your enthusiastic participation. Your message will help our advisors make deeper connections as essential partners to their clients.

Merrill Lynch

You brought incredible value to the group…there was quite the buzz about your presentation the rest of the morning.

LPL Financial

So many people commented on much they enjoyed listening to you and others moved you up the list to the “best speaker” we have had so far.

Fifth Avenue Financial

Heart-felt thanks for the wonderful presentation. I am especially grateful for your willingness and ability to make adjustments to your presentation up until the very last minute


Your presentation was fantastic. We’re so glad we had you on after our practice leaders. You rescued the tempo of the conference.


Wonderful job. Many people say Alan was the best speaker they’d heard during their 20+ P&G careers.

Proctor & Gamble

I have hired Alan Parisse as an opening, keynote and closing speaker. In every instance the feedback was beyond excellent. He was easily considered to be the best speaker at our conferences because of the relevance of his messages to our organization.


I can’t thank you enough for all your coaching early in my career. You turned public speaking into a tremendous weapon in my arsenal.

CEO Continuum Capital Managers, Goldman Sachs Former Partner

The Speaking Intensive had significant impact on our team and me personally. His education process can truly be transformational. Participating not only made us more effective speakers, but it brought our team together. I highly recommend The Speaking Intensive.

Managing Director, Pershing

The Speaking Intensive continues to bring great value to people. The team and I left the session on a complete high. The breakthroughs people had during The Speaking Intensive helped development occur in seismic shifts. You have a raving fan in me.

Division Executive Vice President, LPL Financial

The Speaking Intensive was transformational for me. Before the session, I dreaded every minute leading up to a presentation and was as uncomfortable as could be during the experience. Now I am totally comfortable speaking, have no anxiety beforehand, and even enjoy it. I am relaxed, myself and can make jokes off the cuff. Thank you for the life changing experience. It has helped me personally and helped my career greatly.

CEO, Realty Income

The Speaking Intensive changed my life. Since your session I have gone on to give thousands of presentations and reach a high level of success mostly because I learned to become a good presenter. Today I am the North America Spokesperson for my Firm. I want to send a long overdue thank you for your part in making that all possible

Senior Vice President - Spokesperson, Franklin Templeton

The Speaking Intensive changed my career and my life. It improved how I communicate with clients and prospects. Today, anytime I speak, regardless of the topic or the country, your training is always with me. Thank you!

Senior Vice President, Sun Life of Canada

Your presentation was the highlight of our two days! Thanks for taking the time to understand our company, program, and objectives. Fantastic!


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