Profitable client relationships are dependent on your vision, judgment and wisdom. These are not commodities that can be disrupted by technology. More than ever, clients and prospective clients need the professional, unbiased and thoughtful advice you provide. It’s a new era of client management.


Websites, blogs and social media outlets churn out masses of data, but the information is buried in a maze of noise and static. Anyone online can manage their investments. Yet it is the combination of expertise and emotional advice provided by financial advisors that makes the difference in the long run.

Bottom line: the web makes your job even more mission critical for investors to be successful.

In People Need Your Advice, adapted from Alan’s most recent MDRT main platform presentation, audiences learn how to:

1. Attract and advise thought-flooded investors.

2. Harness “cyber-confusion” to enhance relationships.

3. Uncover clients’ and prospects’ investment wiring.

4. Channel emotions to support client goals.

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