Questions Great Financial Advisors Ask

In Questions Great Financial Advisors Ask…  Alan focuses on the kinds of probing questions top advisors ask to diagnose and understand clients’—and potential clients’—deep-seated feelings about money: their “investment wiring.”


That’s how great advisors help clients wring the emotion out of investing and set them on the rational road to achieving their financial goals.

In this program, Alan redefines selling into a client-focused mission. Then he provides a roadmap for advisors to serve their clients and prospects.

Questions covered address:

1. Creative ways to penetrate client defenses.

2. Help clients set meaningful priorities.

3. Defining the ideal advisor-client relationship.

4. How to express underlying concerns.

5. Common misperceptions about investing.

6.  Revealing clients’ true risk tolerance.

Questions Great Financial Advisors Ask is based on the book twice named a Top Pick from Amazon by OnWallStreet and one of the 20 Essential Books for Every Advisor’s Summer Reading List by Financial Planning, published by Simon & Schuster.

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