1 Essential Tip for Presenting in the Twitterverse

Alan Parisse Presenting in the TwitterverseAudiences are more distracted and impatient than ever. They expect much more in a lot less time. How do you make sure your message is remembered in the age of the Twitterverse?

1 Essential Tip

Eliminate the filler!

Imagine two key audience members arrive late for your presentation – just as the rest of your audience is leaving. The late-comers ask “What did the speaker say?” What do you want the answer to be?

The audience will replay your talk in their heads and sum it up in a sentence or two. Think about the replay as a tweet-able moment. Review your script, asking the question: “Would anyone tweet that?” Then start editing out most if not all of the filler.

3 Filler Examples:

1. “It’s great to be here in (city name).” – Does anyone really care where you are? Delete this verbiage and move on to your Twitter-worthy content.

2. “What we are going to talk about today is …” – Audiences are wired for roadmaps, but would you actually tweet one? Break from the norm; move away from the expected and cut to the chase.

3. “I’m going to tell you a story.” – Eliminate the set up and dive right into the telling of the story.

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